Wiring Harnesses, Crimping, Custom Cable Assemblies, Wiring Looms, Box Builds, Panel Wiring & PCB Assembly

Box Build, Panel Wiring & Electrical Outsourcing

ECL box build, panel build and mechanical assembly division offer substantial savings to our customers as it allows the purchasing of a single stock item rather that the many components required to assemble the completed box, therefore reducing the need for the purchase, stock and the control of many components. 

As purchase and material managers will know stocking large ranges of materials costs your company more that just the price of the item, the purchasing, stocking and handling can in a lot of cases cost more than the actual item. At ECL we can help turn that around for you by supplying a complete and tested product built to your specification straight to you as one item!

That's ONE item to purchase, ONE item to stock and ONE item to handle

Have a think about it then ring ECL on 01283 535534 and we will do the rest!